Historic Restoration Projects

Victoria Memorial Museum (Museum of Nature)

What We Did:

This was one of our most complex and sensitive jobs to date. J. McBride was contracted to do a complete historic restoration on the exterior if the iconic Museum of Nature. The job had two main components to it, the first was to remove and replace quarried stone to match the existing. The second part was to expose existing windows that were covered up over the last 100 years.

To complete the exterior masonry work all of the stone used had to be specialty sourced in order to match the existing. Then all of the beaded masonry joints had to be reproduced and also had to match what was previously there in order to preserve the historic look of the building.

The last phase of this was to install a bird control system on the exterior.

For the window refurbishment we had to expose the old, existing windows that had been covered up and drywalled over in various areas. Once all of the windows were exposed we began to repair and replace them adding a coat of specialty paint to the frames and components as painting wood that old is very different then painting new wood products.

The final phase of the window rehabilitation was to source and install custom window shades the complimented the historic look of the building.

Due to McBride’s many years of experience in the restoration field our experienced team was able to complete this complex and sensitive work all while the museum stayed open to the public.


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